The Kirstie Alley Diet Plan

Celebrities often amaze us with their chameleon-like capabilities. One day they’re as dumpy and frumpy as can be and the next, they’re polished to perfection, slim, shapely and fashionable. Kirstie Alley is one of the most watched celebrities when it comes to weight management. She has been hit time and again for letting herself go and gaining all the weight despite her many achievements.

So when she decided to throw in the towel and lose weight once and for all, she was applauded and gossip about her weight loss program flew around the celebrity talk shows and the internet. Eventually, Kirstie, working with dieticians, nutritionists and personal trainers came up with Organic Liaisons, a weight loss diet plan that several people swear by, not only her best friend Kelly Preston, who also got on the diet program and lost the 39 pounds of baby weight she gained with her last pregnancy. Kelly is now Kirstie’s spokesperson for the Organic Liaisons weight loss program.

Aside from the usual diet plan offered by different food management programs, the Organic Liaisons complete diet plan includes supplements that aid in sticking to the program and makes losing weight fun and truly effective, as a number of testimonials prove it to be. The Plan, together with different tools is available online with several supporting literature and seminars that help you get through it.

In 2011, following her extreme weight loss makeover, Kirstie was invited to walk the runway in the Zang Toi fashion presentation at the New York Fashion week.

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